Mooreland Partners Publishes 2015 Global Technology M&A Report

Mooreland Partners is pleased to announce the release of its 2015 Global Technology M&A Report which covers macro trends, acquirer and seller dynamics across all key geographies. Major highlights of the 2015 Global Technology M&A Report include: Technology M&A activity hit record levels in 2015, in both volume and value: Over 4,870 technology companies changed hands… Read more >

Mooreland Partners 2015 Cybersecurity Recap

Mooreland Completes Six Security Transactions Since June 2015: Highlights Accelerating Momentum in the Sector Financial Sponsor Platform Transactions Strategic Security Acquisitions The global cybersecurity sector continued its torrid pace of M&A and private equity financing activity in 2015. Over 150 security acquisitions were announced last year, representing the highest deal volume in more than a… Read more >

Commercial UAVs Taking Flight: The State of the Drone Landscape

What could be cooler than drones? Certainly not the newest Ultra HD behemoth TV or even the next social app that tells you exactly what your friend ate for dinner. Let’s face it: drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as they are technically known – are fascinating. They allow us to fly and view… Read more >

“Print Me an Investment Banker”: Bryan Dow Talks Stocks & 3D Printing

BY SARAH ANDERSON GOEHRKE · SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 (reprinted from At next month’s Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, we’re looking forward to hearing from some of the best and brightest in the 3D printing industry. Speakers at the event will span a broad range of topics, as will the exhibits on display. Bryan Dow,… Read more >

Data Could Level the Playing Field in the Professional Sports Market…And Buyers are Taking Note

Earlier this year, my colleague Victor wrote about the Connected Fitness space following the transaction we completed for Endomondo.  This continues to be a hot space with Adidas recently announcing their $240 million acquisition of Runtastic.  A tangential space, which is also heating up but has gotten far less attention, is Sports Data Analytics.  Just… Read more >

A new era for the robotics industry – collaborative robots are fast becoming a manufacturing reality

The legacy industrial robotics market is a rather mature $11 billion market with annual growth rates in the low single digits and is fairly heavily dependent on the automotive market. The emergence of new robotic platforms that feature advanced sensors, machine vision, connectivity and autonomous navigation capability have opened up “blue ocean” market opportunities with… Read more >

Silicon Labs, Bluegiga and the Unstoppable Rise of IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT has come a long way. First coined in 1990, IoT was defined in the context of better managing standalone networks. Today, it is an overriding growth theme impacting every player and sector that has been forever changed by the juxtaposition of humans, business processes, data, and devices, which are all seamlessly interconnected. IoT has… Read more >

Connected Fitness Is Very Real, and It’s a Blue Ocean Market

Under Armour’s purchase of European-based Endomondo – the latest acquisition in the connected fitness category – is another sign that the giants in the technology and sports industries are positioning themselves for an emerging market opportunity with tremendous momentum. The ability to apply technology in forms that enable people to be more proactive about their… Read more >

M&A and 3D Printing Collide

Originally posted on GigaOMPrinting has come a long way since Gutenberg and the first printing press in 1439. The printing industry has evolved from the golden age of printing blocks to modern 2D printers capable of mass-producing documents in minutes. We have seen these devices become an integral part of our lives, but today’s technology is… Read more >