Bryan Dow speaks with Forbes about the prospects for M&A in the 3D Printing space

Race For 3D Printing Capacity Could Revive M&A By Harry Brumpton with analytics by Elizabeth Lim Reprinted from  Forbes Mergermarket, February 22, 2017   It’s an industrial breakthrough destined to transform manufacturing, from the production of entire space shuttle rockets right down to dental implants. It’s only a matter of time before the technology will… Read more >

You Can’t See It, It’s Electric: Battery technology at the core of electric vehicle adoption and Delta-Q is at the forefront of it all

In case you weren’t paying attention, everything is going electric.  The need for more energy efficient, environmentally friendly solutions continues to drive not only consumer adoption of electric cars and two-wheeled vehicles but also electric power adoption in recreational vehicles, power sports and a variety of industrial applications. The year 2015 saw the global stock… Read more >

DevOps Update: Continuous code quality management – the answer to the global problem of ballooning technical debt and why SonarSource has a bright future

Have you heard of technical debt? It is what makes the life of a software developer a lot less fun. It is the reason for developers to spend 80%1 of their time reviewing existing code, rather than putting their creativity to work  coding new functionalities or entire new software applications. Technical debt is best defined… Read more >

MarTech: Tracking the “Customer Journey” to Lots of Market Activity

It feels like every day we hear a new buzzword or phrase associated with “martech” – omni-channel, customer journey, artificial intelligence, social selling, conversational commerce – the list goes on and on. In the end, marketing organizations have always had one clear goal: to establish and understand the direct link between marketing and advertising spending… Read more >

Industry-specific cloud collaboration software and mobile technologies are transforming numerous vertical markets

Many of today’s widely available software solutions for enterprise content management and collaboration have been designed as horizontal, one-size-fits-all platforms to maximise their vendors’ addressable market. Many of these products are therefore relatively generic in their functionality, e.g. Microsoft Sharepoint or DropBox. As today’s powerful cloud technologies allow for extending collaboration beyond the borders of… Read more >

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Rise of Chinese Technology M&A

Chinese acquisitions of technology companies are on the rise. Of the $107 billion which Chinese acquirers spent on acquisitions in 2015, more than $28 billion was spent on technology acquisitions alone, more than double the level of activity in 2014. Whereas dealmaking was previously driven by government policy (through state-owned enterprises), independent Chinese enterprises now… Read more >

Mooreland Partners Publishes 2015 Global Technology M&A Report

Mooreland Partners is pleased to announce the release of its 2015 Global Technology M&A Report which covers macro trends, acquirer and seller dynamics across all key geographies. Major highlights of the 2015 Global Technology M&A Report include: Technology M&A activity hit record levels in 2015, in both volume and value: Over 4,870 technology companies changed hands… Read more >

Mooreland Partners 2015 Cybersecurity Recap

Mooreland Completes Six Security Transactions Since June 2015: Highlights Accelerating Momentum in the Sector Financial Sponsor Platform Transactions Strategic Security Acquisitions The global cybersecurity sector continued its torrid pace of M&A and private equity financing activity in 2015. Over 150 security acquisitions were announced last year, representing the highest deal volume in more than a… Read more >

Commercial UAVs Taking Flight: The State of the Drone Landscape

What could be cooler than drones? Certainly not the newest Ultra HD behemoth TV or even the next social app that tells you exactly what your friend ate for dinner. Let’s face it: drones – or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as they are technically known – are fascinating. They allow us to fly and view… Read more >

“Print Me an Investment Banker”: Bryan Dow Talks Stocks & 3D Printing

BY SARAH ANDERSON GOEHRKE · SEPTEMBER 25, 2015 (reprinted from At next month’s Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, we’re looking forward to hearing from some of the best and brightest in the 3D printing industry. Speakers at the event will span a broad range of topics, as will the exhibits on display. Bryan Dow,… Read more >