FinTech Investment Banking

The global financial services market is undergoing a dramatic transformation as financial service providers rapidly innovate through the adoption of technology, and as traditional processes and value chains are becoming disintermediated, across all customer segments: retail and commercial banking, insurance, capital markets, credit and emerging payment services. The convergence between technology and market change is facilitating a wave of growth and consolidation and Mooreland is active across a range of important FinTech sectors, including:

  • Front- and back-office software for banks, addressing the digital transformation
  • Emerging technologies and services for the new world of payments
  • Merchant and non-merchant e-commerce services and platforms
  • Foreign exchange trading systems and platforms
  • Applications to manage risk, security and compliance
  • Software and services for consumer and SMB finance markets
  • Insurance software applications driving back-office efficiency and front-office marketing in all vertical markets

Mooreland brings a unique set of advisory skills, experience and commitment to client engagements in FinTech. Our team members leverage their strong track record, sector knowledge and industry relationships, having held roles as investment bankers, entrepreneurs and principal investors in the sector. We expect key trends to continue driving innovation and activity in the sector. These include:

  • Financial disintermediation and the replacement of traditional financial institutions by non-bank financial providers
  • Powerful analytics and artificial intelligence technologies that drive more efficient customer acquisition and increasing levels of automation
  • Increased regulatory requirements, raising the need for next-generation credit, risk and compliance applications
  • Growing importance of “Big Data” for understanding consumer behavior, targeting customers, and assessing risk
  • Profound changes in the banking infrastructure and payments processing and authentication value chains, giving rise to disruption in mobile technology, biometrics and new foundational technologies such as blockchain