Digital Media and Marketing Technology Investment Banking

The Internet has become the leading “channel” for business sales and marketing, leading to waves of innovation and consolidation.  Mooreland is active throughout many sectors of the digital media and marketing industry landscape, including:

  • The “Marketing Cloud” – marketing and sales automation solutions for large and small enterprises
  • “Adtech” solutions for automating, optimizing and analyzing media buying
  • Software solutions for enabling merchant commerce (B2B and B2B2C)
  • Multi-channel analytics, unifying views across social, search and display
  • Mobile marketing technology and services
  • Video advertising and OTT technology
  • Digital agencies and marketing communications

Mooreland bankers offer a unique perspective, drawing on experience from both the traditional and interactive media industries, as operators, investors and dealmakers. Mooreland delivers an inter-disciplinary approach, with mobile, traditional and digital marketing channels now converging. This perspective and experience base, gained through numerous transactions over the years and extensive relationships on a trans-Atlantic basis, is particularly critical in today’s market given the disruption and innovation which is taking place in the Digital Media and Marketing sector.

Some of the key trends driving deal activity in Digital Media today include:

  • Multi-channel convergence of content, e-commerce and services – Big Data everywhere, especially on mobile
  • Rapid growth in programmatic advertising driving increased demand for marketing and sales technologies across the full lifecycle of media buying
  • Increasing domination of Google and Facebook in online marketing and the gradual transition of many performance marketing players from media-based business models to marketing technology platforms driven by data analytics
  • More companies relying on subscription-based business models with relatively predictable revenues that are less exposed to fluctuations in ad spending
  • Emergence of omni-channel retail drives new technology designed to minimize cost of customer acquisition and increase customer lifetime value