Consumer Growth Investment Banking

Significant innovation continues across the consumer products, services and distribution sectors.  As regards consumer products and services, focus on health, wellness and fitness, as well as customization, have all been key trends.  As regards distribution, internet and omnichannel approaches continue to disrupt traditional distribution channels, creating growth opportunities and challenges for traditional brands and models.  Mooreland is active across many sectors involving consumer-facing companies, including:

  • Health and wellness, including fitness, optical, audiology, beauty and health-related apparel;
  • Fashion and luxury, including apparel, accessories and omnichannel;
  • Children’s and educational products and services;
  • Travel, including online travel agencies and hospitality services and metasearch
  • e-Commerce marketplaces, peer-to-peer and auction platforms
  • Gaming and interactive entertainment
  • Social networks and communities

Mooreland Consumer Growth bankers have extensive domain expertise across multiple industry verticals including: health and wellness, fitness and sporting goods, fashion, food, luxury, travel and hospitality, among others.  Mooreland understands the market trends that are influencing consumers in these segments and how technological change and innovation is impacting them given the disintermediation of traditional channels.

Within the Consumer Growth sector today, some of the key trends driving transaction activity include:

  • Rise of smartphone and mobile penetration and the always-on, connected nature of these devices is changing the ways we consume content and purchase goods
  • Content producers – from games publishers to multi-channel networks — aim to shorten time to market and cut content product costs dramatically by leveraging technology to become highly KPI-driven and metrics focused
  • Evolution of traditional e-Commerce towards e-Commerce 3.0, driven by the connection of audiences to social media, the curation of highly targeted product and service offerings, and omnichannel
  • The pervasive use of gamification to drive audience engagement
  • Newer online travel and hospitality channels that involve metasearch, mobile apps, dynamic packaging and B2B tools designed to introduce greater choice and efficiency

Our Consumer Growth team has advised numerous leading companies focused on content, commerce and communities in value maximizing sales to large cap traditional and Internet buyers. This area is also particularly strong for private capital raising with our team having worked with the industry’s emerging, high growth players in capital raisings, recapitalizations and buy-outs involving global private equity investors.