Bryan Dow Will Be a Keynote Speaker at RoboUniverse Seoul

On June 29th at RoboUniverse, Bryan Dow, Managing Director at Mooreland Partners, will give a keynote speech on Global Capital Markets & Industry Outlook.   Bryan will provide insights into the “technology revolution” that is driving the robotics industry and the impact on M&A, investment activity and capital markets, China, and more. Attendees will walk away from this session with a more comprehensive understanding of the industry, and investments in automation, robotics and drones.

RoboUniverse is a robot technology “end user” conference and exposition, featuring an array of business professionals, industry practitioners and robotics solutions providers. RoboUniverse events are all about Modern Robotics – mobile service robots, collaborative robots, drones and cognitive intelligence (AI), and the intersection between IoT & Robotics. For more information about RoboUniverse Seoul, visit the website.