Silicon Labs, Bluegiga and the Unstoppable Rise of IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT has come a long way. First coined in 1990, IoT was defined in the context of better managing standalone networks. Today, it is an overriding growth theme impacting every player and sector that has been forever changed by the juxtaposition of humans, business processes, data, and devices, which are all seamlessly interconnected. IoT has… Read more >

Connected Fitness Is Very Real, and It’s a Blue Ocean Market

Under Armour’s purchase of European-based Endomondo – the latest acquisition in the connected fitness category – is another sign that the giants in the technology and sports industries are positioning themselves for an emerging market opportunity with tremendous momentum. The ability to apply technology in forms that enable people to be more proactive about their… Read more >

M&A and 3D Printing Collide

Originally posted on GigaOMPrinting has come a long way since Gutenberg and the first printing press in 1439. The printing industry has evolved from the golden age of printing blocks to modern 2D printers capable of mass-producing documents in minutes. We have seen these devices become an integral part of our lives, but today’s technology is… Read more >